"The other side of the wall vs in the fight for life", 2015

Photography from the serie Opressed Ones
55x55cm in Fine Art Paper, PVC
Archive of Moradalizadeh family (photos and video)
Presented in XVIII Bienal de Cerveira (Olhar para o passado para contruir o futuro)

«I will greet the Sun Again» 

“I will come, 
I will come back,
I will- soon arrive! 

And I will bring you–
all the flowers I’ve picked
from the other side of the wall,
The Other Side– of The Wall. 

And then,
all the locked gates will be shattered by Love. 
And all the desolate isles will be invaded by Love.
And there, I will hail everybody who loves,
everybody who loves! 

And, I know, 
There will be a girl, 
still standing in front of the gates,

those soaked gates– in the Deluge of Love. I will greet her again as well.
I will again hail
that girl
as well!" 

Forough Farrokhzad (Parts of I will Greet The Sun Again, 1962) 

In the Fight for Life 

On the throne of Earth, beneath the sky’s spark–
Covered with the lights or in the robe of dark,

Amidst the moans and groans of the mad waft–
Fronting the altar, the execution draft,

On the top of the hill, in the arms of the plains, in the sod–
or in the depths, the opaque depths of the bog,
In the repeating chant of the clock–
or in the foe’s lock,

On the canvas, in the shades, in the ruins of the town– 
and in the hurling of the unleashed dogs, In angst, in blood, in fright– 
In bliss or in blight, 
In the kiss, in the embrace or in the sudden stall– 
In the happy times or when the pains call– In the festivities or the mourning hall– 
In the rise or the fall, 

In the lakes of bleeding drips,
in the tangle of deceit, where the despair grips, 
in the burning deserts,
in the midst of the ruby tulips,
in the weeds and the rocks, 
in the seas where water dips, 
in the meadows and in the rivers, 
in the ships, in the eyes and the lips– of dark haired ladies, in the absence– or in being, 

Everywhere is hiding– the fear, the greed and also the dance– in each place death has an instance, in all the lands people are in pain– from nights and days' chain, 

In all the spots–
the unruly fate shouts,
In every road the plight

rushes towards a man's heart–
everywhere the world calls us to a fight:

“Take out! Take out you double-edged knife, knife– 
made of both your force and your weakness in life!” 
Ahmad Shamlou