Our Corner: Art as political expression, 2014


"The org/ and Ignite Imaginations www.igniteimaginations.org.uk have collaborated to produce a three day exhibition for the Festival of the Mind http://festivalofthemind.group.shef.ac.uk/2014-festival-mind/ on the themes of Discrimination, Inequality and Sense of Place. 
The Festival of the Mind is a collaboration between the city and the University of Sheffield. It’s an 11-day festival where the University shares its most exciting research in inspiring and creative ways. This exhibition is part of – the second Festival of the Mind that will be held from 18th September
 September 20th 2014. It brings together research staff of the University and Sheffield’s cultural and creative industries to create a magical series of events for everyone to get involved with. The Our Corner- Art as Political Expression exhibition encompasses daily workshops and evening open mic sessions where members of the public can come along and participate in artistic expression and public debate to push and probe the boundaries of art as a political medium. The exhibition has over 30 artists exhibiting a variety of media from the UK, Italy and Portugal."

Text for the booklet:
(Prisão Corporal, #1 (film Rebecca Leal Moradalizadeh - Discrimination and Inequality
“Prisão Corporal” means “Imprisioned Body”
Once again I work with the concepts of Human Being, or Being Human, and everything attached to it. Also ideas and issues of politics and society are behind of this imprisoned body I am the performer in this case, and I'm doing a kind of ritual with my own body, which is trapped into this life
The materials used are very contradictious: first I use Vaseline to  protect the skin, then I use cast bandages that are warmed by the water and then they get cold, and stuck to the body, leaving me with a slow breath, uncomfortable and also “suffocated”. At a certain point the body has no control at all of its acts
This work can represent an imprisonment from our chaotic society, that stuck us into a determined way of living, not always free, or it can represent our self-imprisonment into that same society, were we become trapped.