Polyseme - a group exhibition, 2011

Hannah Shaw, Hannah James, Emil Kalaria, Nathaniel Lloyd-Jackson and Rebecca Moradalizadeh are the members of the group "Polyseme". This group had to develop an exhibition, with everything included (such as the works, curating, advertising, and do some work related to design, etc,), for the Curated Group Exhibition lesson in the Uni.
We had to find the place, and we selected a gallery: the APG - Archipelago Works, from Sheffield; also had to organize a catalogue, with the whole information about our works; the design of the posters, the map from the place; the small details as the rolled posters, a small info about each works (underneath each one), all written in the typewriter; the publicity with flyers and posters in the best spots of Sheffield, and newsletters trough the gallery site; and the opening day, with the bar working.
It was a very good experience in group, and for being a small group with 5 elements, we manage to have some fun while working hard.
We had really good comments about the exhibition, from our audience. In the opening day, everyone had a great time, and the result was very rewarding.
We hope to continue with the group, by going to Portugal, or maybe continuing here in Sheffield.

Catalogues, Flyers, Frames, Info;

"Please help yourself to a poster".


Emil Kalaria

Hannah Shaw

Nathaniel Llyod- Jackson

Rebecca Moradalizadeh

Hannah James

Opening day: