1st Exhibition - Galeria JUP, Rua Miguel Bombarda, 2010

In this project, I answered to a small contest that this gallery did. I used works I already had developed in my 2nd year of multimedia, such as the first work from the 3rd year of the course. The first one is based in the work I did with the hands, and the rythm play, where, I read that play with those exact images (video - hands). I used a small black TV to show this work, because it fitted well; the other work was a bit conceptual - I used 7 empty bottles of wine and beer, and sang in each one the note of the music scale of Dó Maior, and close on top with some plastic; the idea was to keep in those bottles, my voice, and the respective note; in both works we can see that i use a lot, music, rythms, or sound in my projects, by using my little musical formation I had before; the third work, had a theme - the third hand- so we had to do something, that envolved other people, or animal, or space; it had to be influenced by a third thing. First of all, I used that theme, by joining lots of videos, made by myself, and other people, such as my friends, parents, sister etc, also joined some video works I did. With all of this videos, i joined them in Adobe Prémiere, by grouping them in columns, or rows, and the image of all of that, appeared to be a big image pixelized, but with tiny videos, in "each pixel"; all of those videos where running at the same time, and it gave the image a 3D idea. In this work, we had the presence of a third thing envolving my works, because most of the videos and caracters where friends, situations I had been, etc. After this situation, I had to thought about the ending of the work : the presentation. My idea,was to put a mirror in a space, and then project this videos, in the mirror. With this mechanism, I could obtain two images: one in the mirror but very ilumminated, and the other in the space we where; here I played with the fragmentation of the image, so I tried to put the projector towards the mirror doing that effect, in the following walls; this was another 3rd influence in my work; the final one, was the people who visited the gallery, or space where the work could be, that appeared also projected in their bodys with my work.


3rd hand idea

Some Videos from the 3 projects, in the exhibition.